Jennifer Roach


My name is Jen Roach and I've been making cakes for a while. If you live in or near Philadelphia I'd be delighted to make one for you. 

I'm originally from western New York state, where I studied illustration in college. Afterwards I moved to New York City, eventually attending culinary school to study baking and pastry arts. I've since worked in many restaurants, bakeries, and catering companies there and here in Philadelphia, where I've lived for the last several years. 

I've been very fortunate to work for and with some amazingly talented people over the years. My beloved late mother RoseMarie taught me to bake at an early age, and I learned my more advanced kitchen skills from wonderful pastry chefs in NYC like Kate Zuckerman and Patrick Coston before eventually lucking into an aspiring cake artist's dream job: three years working for and learning from the one and only Colette Peters, whom I am happy to still call my friend and mentor. 

Some of the cakes on these pages were done as a collaborative effort, and I'm proud to have led various teams of very accomplished bakers, assemblers and decorators throughout the years.

A note about my logo:

After years of debating whether to take advantage of my memorable but unappetizing last name, I discovered the work of Polish artist Emilia Dziubak and fell in love with her gorgeous children's book illustrations featuring charming bugs and normally creepy critters. I used a particular painting of hers as inspiration for my little cakeroach.  It may not be for everybody, but I think it's hilarious...and you work with what you've got!